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feet wide.

TimberTop Shiitake Farm

shiitake house

This is the original green house / mushroom house structure that was used. We have now gone to two smaller units that are in the wooded area of the farm and closer to the stored mushroom logs. We found the smaller compact mushroom houses to be much easier to manage the environment of temperature and insect control.† We have chose to show the original set up because the design was good and can be used in other applications. The smaller units can be seen in the Comprar orlistat generico barato area of the web site.†




It is cooled by a 4 feet by 12 ft water evaporator


It is heated by a out-door wood burner


† GMX fluid conditioners are used through out the farm. They offer a natural and safe way of treating hard water and reducing water tenion. They have been very successful in treating the water cooling system and with water absorption in the soak tanks

resting yard

This is the resting yard. After the logs produce

mushrooms, they are stored here for 6 months

before they are fruited again.

soak tank

Logs are placed in the soak tanks for 24 hours for†force fruiting the logs.

fruiting racks

After soaking the logs are placed on the fruiting racks


3 to 5 days later, Pinning appears


harvest shiitake

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